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Spell Crow. A nice conversion.


This store:


It's rare to find a good conversion store, these guys are by no means perfect but their stuff is above average and great for adding diversity to your armies.

There are Emperor's Children fallen style marines, I don't highly rate them but they DO have SONIC weapons, which is pretty cool.

Torsos are nice.

Heads are Blech, and shoulders are blech.

I agree, but i'm still happy to see the love.

The Salamander stuff and generic equipment seems great.

A new release from this site is here for the Emperor's Children "Pleasure Knights" are on their way.
New heads and CLAWS:

And here is an image catalog for you.

Before you start scrolling, I am not a fan of everything displayed here.
What does stand out to me are the ragged tabards, leg sets and to some degree the torsos purely for diversity in my army.
The guns are pretty neat but I don't find the edges sharp enough, but they're a far better alternative than the more pricey options or the terrible Bolter conversions i've seen. Once again, it lends to diversity, you can break free of the single pose Sonic Blaster.
The Paudrons are interesting, they remind me of the 2nd edition look of Chaos. I think they're quite retro.

It would be nice if Spell Crow had a fully assembled squad painted to give us an example:

Love the claws, will probably skip the rest. Who else makes good slaanesh bits?


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