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Using the 29th Great Company in Warhammer 40k (4th edition)


Using the 29th Great Company in Warhammer 40,000

A copy of Chaos Space Marines is needed to play a Forgotten Children Company.

The 29th Great Company follows the special rules for an Emperorís Children army found in Codex: Chaos Space Marines with these additional restrictions:

HQ: The 29th Great Company does not associate with many daemon princes or greater daemons, as they refuse to be bound by any oaths of service. One HQ pick must always be an Emperorís Children Marine (without Daemonic Stature).  A greater daemon of Slaanesh may only be chosen if the Emperorís Children HQ pick has a retinue.

Troops: The 29th Great Company chooses to do battle as they have done since their initial founding.  They may only field Daemons after they have taken 4 troops choices of CSM or 2 troops and two heavy support choices of CSM.

Heavy Support: Aside from the sonic destruction afforded by the Noise Marine cult, long-range weaponry is poorly regarded among the 29th Great Company, especially when combat prowess can be proven in hand-to-hand combat. Troops and Heavy Support picks may not take any non-sonic heavy or special weapons except for flamers.

Skalathrax is ours! In any game against a World Eater army, both sides are subject to the intense hatred of their Patrons as well as the failed battle on Skalathrax. Chaos Space Marines from both Chapters hit each other on a 3+. This includes Chosen.

Does anyone else use 29th Great Company? I haven't see it in the last couple of years for sure. Besides myself, of course.

I am very pleased to be a member here. In order for me to access the data fully.


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