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Doesn't seem like the original is salvagable, so I'll repost it. Luckily I'd had it up on B&C as well.

--- Quote ---I have this going on EC.net as well, but I might as well post it here too as an added impetus.
First up, the Lord, who is a sort of counts-as Abaddon:


Then here is a Sorcerer, more or less completed;

My daemon prince, who has been in this uncompleted state for years now:


Fiend of Slaanesh:

(This is the original idea of Speedfreek on Warseer: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?303228-Speedfreeks-s-Slaanesh ... done with his permission)

A variation on the original design:

Other, old Lords;

Noise Marines;

Some prototypes for slaaneshi cultists;

--- End quote ---

I notice there's an image limit on this software... oh well.


--- Quote ---Sonic Terminators:

This one needs more work:

--- End quote ---

.... and these imgur links aren't showing properly.

I saw this on B&C.

I loved your models.

Especially the Fiends.  I miss fiends, and these are great:

The one to the left especially is really cool.

The cultists are genious.


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