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: Noise marines taken off the line
: Shinji Ikari July 03, 2014, 12:22:51 AM
With GW getting rid of bits, that means we can no longer buy noise marines.

Many of you like to make your own sonic weapons or even make your own noise marines, but i liked the ones GW made.

My question is, concidering that there are no noise marines or thousand sons, when can we expect them to create new plastic kits for the EC and the TS? Because if you wanted to collect Emperors children now, thats a big barrier in the way.

Maybe i can buy some bits off someone else on the internet so i can make my noise marines? I'd prefer the resin ones to the metal ones. Do you think this would be possible?
 If anyone can help me out, i'd pay big money for them... well i guess this should be in trading sub-forum now. Send me a private message.
: Re: Noise marines taken off the line
: Poem July 26, 2014, 12:23:25 AM
I have a lot of metal parts but I will not be selling.

As for the "barrier" try the Kakophonie marines Forgeworld makes.
Theyre beautiful, I have some.
You can get them from Forgedworld too. he. he.