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Last year I made the trip to Games Day UK and enjoyed a look at the largest display of Emperor's children models i've ever seen. The Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V was on display, The Iron Hands and their multiple astartes were everywhere. It was at this point I got to see two of the newer Horus Heresy models, The Emperor's Children Legion Kakophoni and the Phoenix Terminators. They look astounding. (i'll post some pictures up as I get home of the Drop Site Massacre)

It was a feast for the eyes to see our legion in it's glory, lead by the primarch Fulgrim. I was compelled by that sight. I had to get hold of some of those models.

So it was on that day that I bought my Kakophoni. They are currently still bagged up in the forgeworld bag, unused, un loved. But are one of my favorite sets of models.

I will be starting to paint them soon, I am trying to decide wether to keep them painted in their pre heresy colours (and fight a long side my pink and black marines) or to paint them with the rest of the legion.

I also have some Palatine blades which i bought more recently. I'd suggest checking them out too, they are awesome. I'll be using these as chosen, or maybe sorcerers of some kind I think.

For the full Gallery with full size images, click here:
I hope you enjoy these.

Sin of Pride / Glad we're still here!
« on: May 13, 2014, 09:05:49 AM »
I was around on the original forum but didn't post that much. Not sure if anyone remembers me. (spent more time reading the posts you guys made than posting my own rubbish!)
Anyways, Signed up again. Kept the same username too. Hope to see others flocking back soon.

7th edition is fast approaching and wanted to see what peoples opinions were on the upcoming stuff. Especially the Daemonology stuff under the Malefic psyker pool.
More info available in my blog post here but I will post the images up on this thread once I get home. (At work and image hosting doesn't work on this network!)


(Sorry if the size is poor, try clicking it or downloading it from my blog if that's any better...?)

It appears there may be a change for my chaos sorcerers to summon Daemonettes into battle - Finally giving me a reason to get hold of and paint some more Daemonettes. And even a Keeper of Secrets!!

Anyway, I'm glad you didn't do away with the forum! I'm sure it was a load of work to keep things rolling and wanted to make it known that I appreciate it. I've grown much more attatched to the world of 40k and the fluff behind it all, most specifically the Emperor's Children and I felt it time to come and do a bit of posting! To find the site had changed drastically!

Still, glad to see some familiar names and will be checking back regularly. Gonna need someone to help me through this 7th edition stuff!!

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