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Stories of Lust / Re: Rats maturity required
« on: August 22, 2014, 10:45:27 PM » further explained

We wouldn't manipulate the world unless it wanted us to, or we had to in order to save it. Even if they wished our help we would be hesitant to offer our leadership. We would exist purely on the website and maybe in some secret organized meet ups if we gained enough money to finance things. The whole thing about the website would be the goal to keep separate from the mainstream world. Hedonists are a rare thing today, if the website caught on a small percentage of mankind would use the sight to their own purposes. But the services the website provides is a place to safely talk about the truth for mutual personal gain and entertainment aswell as providing entertainment that is uninhibited by the morals of current society. That isn't to say it has to be rude or obnoxious but it does aim to be very enjoyable.

Like scientology you would have a rank in the organization, and that gains you access to deeper parts of the website that have some of the more questionable content as well as some manner of power to oversee the website at the highest levels when you have gained the trust of me, the highest ranking person on the websight, its leader and overseer. This would be as follows.

Everyone has access to the guest forum.
Once you pay for a membership and pass the email interview. This would be a monthly fee. You gain access to the main forum and the webstore which contains most of the hedonist media the website has collected. Here people are free to talk about most things, mainly knowledge and a fun forum devoted to games and normal to outrageous humour. Having morality will be a core belief to the website, and discussing what is right and wrong and why will be one of the main discussions that is held on the website. If something is proven without a doubt or is dicided its better off if we act this way, we will change our behavior accordingly. This will happen by the moderators guideing discussions, deleteing posts which are not helpful in the eyes of the websites current beliefs.

If you impress me with your knowledge and gain my trust you will be granted access to the inner forum which is the forbidden truth forum, where we talk about all the things that people normaly don't allow themselves to talk about. Like dreaming and anything else of that nature.

Finally if you gain enough of my trust, you can reach the final level and be given power over the website. These people will moderate the website and guide the discussions deleteing any posts that are useless and banning people who don't contribute useful knowledge. This will stop the website becoming convoluted and full of useless content. This way the website encourages a decent into hedonism, or not depending on what truths we all decide are the most useful to believe.

But everyone will be encouraged to go along with my idea of the truth. However everyone is also encouraged to change my mind. However I have the final say as to what is true and what is not. This way we avoid too much pointless argueing. I will be a benelovant leader. And with the help of everyone working with me I will be the best leader I possibily can be. I'm certainly not the wisest or smartest person but I think I'm good enough to do this job.

Aswell the website would have different houses which one could join. Posts that are seen as very helpful would gain points for your house. Each house would have a subforum and each would go in their own direction as far as their idea of hedonism or whatever. This is just alittle bit of fun which could encourage some differing opinions of the truth. Over the main forums however I would rule. But you can gain power over your own sub forum and guide your own discussions separate from what I believe.

This way there will be a dedicated group of hedonists helping out each other swearing to forever keep themselves separate from the mainstream and enjoying themselves in private not interfereing with the current capitalist culture which is what is held to be right and the truth by most people.

The only thing that will be holding the website together will be the convincing nature of the posts to change peoples minds. So all posts will be centered around be convincing. I will use all my reasoning power to decide what is right and wrong. I do currently have a set of beliefs however and they are centered around the hedonist philosophy so it will take certainly a fair amount of argueing against these beliefs in order for me to see if I should change the direction of the website. Which will be going towards maximum entertainment. So certainly many people would be morally against the stuff the website encourages. To have a lot of fun and take our lives exactly where we want them to be. Perfection.

So if anyone agrees with me and has some manner of power as far as getting websites onto the internet which are businesses. I would appreciate your help. Contact me. Remember that the earth is not invincible and it requires a great deal of pleasure to keep society satisfied and leadership through these dark times in order for it to meet the challenges of the next age of mankind. So please if that convinces you that such a website should exist and you can help me, please do. 

Well my brother a programmer is helping me to learn how to build the website in c++, it will be its own program, and I think i'll have the server. Then i'll look up how to found a business and do everything else to get the website up and running. So unless the rats get me, i'll try my best to make this happen.

Stories of Lust / Re: Rats maturity required
« on: August 20, 2014, 10:51:56 AM »
Urg, I just had the most intense dream of my life.

It was like some kind of intelligence was playing virtual reality games with me. Talking with me, when I wanted to have a conversation. At one point I was getting propelled over the earth deep into space, and it was decideing what it was going to do next always. And it made a dicision, either for my entertainment or my punishment.

Most of the time I was being punished for being such a feely feely person, by getting flushed down a toilet and having sodomiseing sexual feely energy rapeing me from several angles.

Theres intelligence out there, inside of us. And it means that life is way way deeper then it seems, and maybe hedonism is a bad thing. Always fear going to sleep at night.

Stories of Lust / Rats maturity required
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:48:47 PM »
If I truly am not living in a magical world then surely hedonism is the wisest choice. This is the front page of a potential website I may create in order to become the most powerful man on earth and revolutionise the way we live. Critisism is encouraged I really want to know why this would be such a terrible thing.


picture of a rat

The word hedonism is related to nudists and people with no shame. This is an immature view of hedonism. This website is about true hedonism, the real meaning of the word. To presue maximum pleasure and minimum pain. We wish to remove the fear associated with the word hedonism and aknowledge its wisdom as a philosophy.

NO! NO! NO! NO! i hear you say. Not in this world. It's embarassing. We have resisted the temptation of hedonism since the dawn of time and this website shouldnt exist. Well i will argue to you that the existence of this website is a positive force.

We are entering into a new era for mankind and we can only see a meter in front of ourselves. We ever so cautiously move on, pressured by progress. We want to avoid a third world war or the creation of a world like 1984. Where pleasure is forbidden so the moving towards a hedonist world causes lieing masochists to take over and rule forever. wishes to provide leadership to the world if they wish our guidence through these turbulent times. It wishes to create a perfect world and a world that is accepting of those of us who wish to have more fun. Non-hedonists being those who cannot gracefully live the hedonist way. And hedonists who chosen by destiny will have unlimited enjoyment. The website will promote a wonderful future for mankind where we embrace the future instead of fearing it. And forever crush the party leading to a world of freedom and eternal happiness.

You may believe that this is unwise because the rats will get us or that the world is magic so we can never speak the truth or it will rip reality apart. Or the people in our heads will torture us in our dreams. But it is a core belief of this website that there isnt much wrong with enjoying yourself. And that even if the world is indeed magic this website shall not end the world. It is neccessary for the future of mankind aswell as providing freedom for those of us who wish to exercise it. In order to give ourselves forfilling happiness with unlimited power that shall carry us towards a beautiful sky upon our deaths.
It is a website which is lead by myself. Decide for yourself if i am wise. I am a good leader with adduicate wisdom gained over my life. I promote a moral hedonism where human beings compassionately care for each other. After all if there is no world to live in there is no pleasure to be enjoyed. Opposing viewpoints on this issue will be looked down upon as unwise.

Whether you are a hedonist or not this website has value for you. For we will gather the most intelligent minds and encourage them to tell what they really think. Knowledge will be passed on and those seduced into agreeing will increase their wisdom. It shall benefit you in your personal life as well as the world of global politics. Where consensis cannot be found debate will ensue guided by me the only man i can trust in this conservitive world.

This website is a business charging for membership and the downloading of hedonist media. Once you pay you are required to pass an e-mail interview aswell. In some respects this makes this organisation simular to scientology. However we will deal in facts. This means those who work and contribute to society will have the privilidge of the website. This also ensures that the website remains seperate from non-hedonist society which some may believe is the most beautiful perfect world. After all we live in an completely conservitive society and we dont want to ruin the beauty of the normal world. Little john has to goto school and eat his jam samwichs undisturbed by the darkness of hedonism. You may think i will simply pocket all the money for myself. But my passion is this movement so i promice you nearly all the money will go towards the creation of hedonist media. We shall employ skilled members as hedonist artists. So upon joining you may make a living for yourself through the website.

If you disagree with us we welcome you to join the website and debate with us. But we shall be arrogant in accepting the logical truth. It is a belief of the website that we may always be wrong about the whole thing. Where ever people take the website is where it shall go, closer and closer to the truth. There is a free guest forum where such critisisms are encouraged to be discussed. Let that forum be your guide towards deciding whether this website is a postitive thing or not.

There shall be two main parts to the websites forum. Serious compassionate discusion and fun. All interesting and helpful subjects shall be discussed in the first forum with compassion and in the second things may get alot darker primarily being a forum of unrestrained humour.

It is encouraged that members have a spirtual belief. Because athiesm has been the weapon of the lieing masochists for years now. We believe in a happy afterlife and the vengeful spirit not because we know they are true but because some lies benefit our momement. And the positivity of believeing in a happy afterlife and a force of karma guides us towards postitive solutions.

Pornography is banned as well as some other unrelevant things. As it would tarnish the websites image. Some hatred is too strong to overcome.
Hatred is discouraged for members as it is the force which holds men and women back from truely connecting. People who fantasise about young women and racists who respect gods creation of the races are not to be hated anymore. All the weapons of the sadistic masochists shall be disarmed and we shall be open and loving of each other. With upmost maturity and desire for the common good.

So please, join the website if you wish to fix the worlds ever increasing problems or if the fun the capitalist world provides does not saticfy you. You are welcome, as long as i like you.

If anyones interested I'm looking for some help to get the website started. I need some contacts of people who know how to build and get up a money transaction website. After all it is hedonism and why not do something if its fun. Like making money of it and making it like scientology.

If that doesn't convince you to support a hedonist faction corperation for mankind nothing will. Let me know if you want to be a member of the new inner party, but we will moniter the power of truth not the power of lies. Ofcourse anyone could lie and infiltrate the website, the only thing keeping that from happening will be my dozens of wisdom filled posts seducing everyone into benefiting from the website. Hope in their strength.

Stories of Lust / Re: Plight of the loser prince
« on: July 31, 2014, 05:58:25 PM »
Where I'm going with it. Is expressing the human psych as far as the desire for pleasure.

In shinjis case its as simple as not wanting a lonely death.

As I said its about warhammer because there are daemonprinces in warhammer. And I see shinji as a prince.

But yeah I don't really want to say anything more on the subject. I just thought it was an interesting insight into the plight of the mortal soul.

In my dreams the people in my dreams constantly tell me that pleasure is forbidden. So would shinji have to live a conservative life? Is the pleasure of company of other human beings and being their equal all that he will get?

Eva is like the capitalist version of 1984. Where pleasure is still the goal of society.

If you havn't realized yet I'm talking about myself. I'm shinji Ikari, but in real life. I'm a sexy loser. And I think everyone has something to learn from me.

Some of you may regret that I talk about drugs in a childrens hobby. But I was making an example of the fact that I'm so unwell off that I have to cheat in order to get ahead and avoid that sad death. Just like the dark eldar. Will my cheating damn me to the depths of hell, we will have to see.

Anyway I've said what I have to say, let the keepers of secrets keep their secrets. We don't have to discuss it any further. Let the talking about warhammer related topics commence.

Stories of Lust / Re: Plight of the loser prince
« on: July 29, 2014, 02:59:52 AM »
Watermelons are yummy. All moist and full of flavour.

Shinji Ikaris next chapter

So shinji gets a job, makes friends with his fellow co-workers. Gets a house, and moves in some roomies. He's dicided he must be open to new things and summurises all possible subjects to talk about and all that exists in life.

But he knows he'll never really be good enough and besides he always wanted to enjoy the good things in life. So he decks out his house in all the most fun stuff. And takes up a couple of hobbys. Which will gain him true power and then he wont have to be the greatest at talking in order to get a girl.

So one of his roomies brings over a cute girl at one of shinjis partys. Shinji who now takes drugs on the weekends is filled with all his princely romanticness and is filled with joy from the ampetimines.

Will shinji be able to get a girlfriend, which he could then get to move in with him. And they could have silly drug talking forever as he plays warhammer and all the latest video games on a really huge tv while he takes lots of drugs and enjoys nice hot spas in his huge jacuzi which a huge fish tank is next to with beautiful angel fish in it. And he marrys the girl in holy matrimony of marrage. And maybe adopt some children? or not.

It certainly wouldnt be the ideal of love that he truely wants in his heart, but it would be alright. Better then sitting alone in a room all day doing nothing.

He knows all the things about life, but not in detail. and has no real way to learn them in detail. He could goto university and learn law. But then all he'd know about is law. Besides he isnt really that great at school.

So he'll never get to be like everyone else, you understand?

Sin of Wrath / Noise marines taken off the line
« on: July 03, 2014, 12:22:51 AM »
With GW getting rid of bits, that means we can no longer buy noise marines.

Many of you like to make your own sonic weapons or even make your own noise marines, but i liked the ones GW made.

My question is, concidering that there are no noise marines or thousand sons, when can we expect them to create new plastic kits for the EC and the TS? Because if you wanted to collect Emperors children now, thats a big barrier in the way.

Maybe i can buy some bits off someone else on the internet so i can make my noise marines? I'd prefer the resin ones to the metal ones. Do you think this would be possible?
 If anyone can help me out, i'd pay big money for them... well i guess this should be in trading sub-forum now. Send me a private message.

Stories of Lust / Plight of the loser prince
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:42:50 PM »
Some of us don't make any friends or progress in life. Some of us are born as attractive boy men.

For those of us that are both losers and extremely yummy boys at the same time and it happens every now and then, we are known as princes. Princes often are losers.

Who doesnt want a prince to succeed? After all they are the true royalty of the planet earth. For a prince to die a happy death is a successful world. That would be victory for slaanesh. Asuka and Rei were both attracted to shinjis physical beauty as a really manly child thing as well as his deep emotional feelings. He was really quite sexy when he cried. But they were women and women and losers dont mix.

So it falls to shinji in order to get his happy death and avoid his sad one as what happened in end of evangelion. He must catch up to everyone else, really quickly in the space of a few months. He learns to love himself in evangelion, but that isnt the only thing he must learn. He must learn about pain and pleasure. And just about everything else. But to learn about pain which is something he must learn in order to be an impressive man that gets the ladies. Is very very hard.

For pain really hurts. But it must be endured with complete and total pride. Only then will he learn all those valuable lessons that really makes a man a man. But ofcourse that is only one peice of the puzzle. But its a big and necessary one. Life is pain, as evangelion said.

It's the plight of all losers, who are called by society to make the ultimate sacrifice, to live a life of pure pain. While the popular guys get all the fun and sex. They learn the lessons pain gives out, and that is what they get from life. Lessons from pain. But nothing else unfortunatly.

If your wondering what this has to do with warhammer, deamonprinces are just like shinji ikari. That's why they call them princes. Well i think anyway. It's what i like to think painprince meant. A loser.

Stories of Lust / Re: Sons of Eternal Uncomfort
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:20:38 PM »
Seems alittle familar but differnt somehow. Did i really write that? Maybe you corrected it here and there. Youth is both blessing and a curse as far as intelligence is concerned.

It's painprince, and i'll make sure to watch what i say this time and not get banned. I know i can't just do exactly what i want, especially in a world with so many people. Who mostly choose to do not much at all. But you know everyone is wise, and theres lessons to learn from everything everyone does. Both from the realms of pain and happiness. To die selflessly the only option? I was of the opinion there are those born with a destiny that could exceed that common path. Well i'm a weak little prince anyway, made to feel more pain then others, so i just cannot accept the path of self sacrifice, i just dont have anything to do with it.

Well thats all. Going to get my slaanesh daemons this payday hopefully.

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