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For people wondering what happened


  As a note for people who are finding out the board is messed up.
  Some time last night we lost 1/2 of our Database.  Doesn't look like any hacks (though we have had alot of web crawlers hitting us and a few "scans"), so that means the database is really messed up.  Really messed up.  Like much of it missing.  The posts text is there, but users are gone, and other tieing tables are gone.  I am trying to recover more  of the site, but right now, assume most things are gone.

  Sorry about that, working with the provider to see if we have SQL backups, to at least roll back a couple of days.

  More information will come as I get it.

Currently all uses have to be approved before posting.

So Cenobite or I will need to approve every user.

I approve of your approving.
Way too many spambots attack this place.


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