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A space marine long before the recovery of the primachs, Lord Commander Bowman commands the 29th great Company in his image of Emperorís Children perfection.  Since the Inter-legionary war, he has sought to rebuild his legion to the glory of Fulgrim.


Lord Commander Bowman was a crŤche raised child of the emperor. His earliest memories are of Combat Drills in preparation for the Emperor's Children crusade through the universe.

A genetically modified human, he differs from the genetically engineered praetorians of the Emperor in that his genetic code derives from Fulgrim, primach of the Emperor's Children, making him a gene son of his primach, not of the Emperor.

Lord Commander took his place amongst the first 1000 Emperor's Children to wear the armor, and set upon the remnants of humanity with the task of bringing the light of the emperor to them.

On Earth a laboratory accident destroyed the stored primach genetic code, and many of the newer gene marines. With the fateful accident, the Emperor's Children were unable to create more marines to bolster their numbers, and each was required to learn the tasks of the specialist marines, so that to the last man the Legion would fight.. Lord Commander Bowman, already a Librarian of no small measure, set it upon himself to master each and every task a marine might be asked to perform. He obtained the title of Master Apothicarian and Weapons Master before Fulgrim was found.

After Fulgrim was found, the remaining Emperor's Children crusaded with him while the newer geneseed marines were being created. Once enough were ready to field a full Great Company, Fulgrim bestowed upon Lord Commander Bowman the rank of Lt. Commander, and the task of battle testing the new geneseed marines.

With the progress of the geneseed marines integrated into the Emperor's Children, and the return to their independent crusade, Fulgrim then gave the task of finding initiates on each of the worlds they liberated, those who stood with the Emperor's Children to fight for the light of the Emperor.

With the creation of the 29th Great Company, Fulgrim recognized Lord Commander Bowman's tireless service to the Emperor's Children with command of the newest Great Company. Only one more great company would be raised before the great awakening.
The 29th Great Company took to the stars, their marines an example to all, their doctrine as perfect as Fulgrims.  As was expected of one who had trained the memberís initiates, the command staff of the 29th sought to prove themselves in word and deed.
During the inter-legionary war, the 29th Great Company was involved in many of the actions of the legion.  On Terra, they fought the rear elements of many of the defending forces, while most of the Emperorís Children were relishing in their new found patron.
After Horus was killed, the Emperorís Children and other Legions cut a swath of corruption from Terra to the Eye of Terror.  There the Lord Commander saw the madness of Daemonhood, and took the 29th Great Company out of the Eye of Terror, establishing a doctrine of mobility and secrecy to protect his legion.
With the battle at Skalathrax freshly over, the Lord Commander saw that even the perfection of the Emperorís Children would be corrupted.  His mind made up, the 29th Great Company set upon a task to rebuild the entire legion as it stood, proud.  Though their allegiance was true to Slaanesh, their new patron, their minds were Fulgrims.


No records of the Emperorís Children home world exist outside the vaults of the High Lords of Terra. But the oldest members of the Legion still remember the twilight world of Chemos. Following the Heresy Imperial forces assaulted their home world from orbit, intending to destroy their fortress-monastery and eradicate any trace of Chaos from the world. To this date no information of Chemos has been recorded, including a record of Exterminatus, in the databases of the Imperium.

The Emperorís Children 29th Great Company does not call any one world home.  Instead they still maintain the fleet that was given to them by Fulgrim.  Composed of pre-Interlegionary War ships, the 29th has access to many ships not found in service anymore.  They maintain two fully functional Apothicarian ships, quite capable of elevating new initiates to marines.  There is a goliath Forge ship, capable of producing the Great Companies equipment, vehicles and ammunition.  The forge ship is capable of producing vehicles up to the size of Dreadclaws, Thunderhawks and Land Raiders.

The warships of the 29th are usually of the smaller and lighter variety, used to perform surgical strikes against the enemy.  The Flagship a Gothic Class battle ship, the Remembrance is almost never seen in battle, as it is used to defend the non-combatant ships of the Fleet.

In addition to the Space Marine warships, the 29th Great Company maintains five Imperial Regiment ships.  Each ship is capable of transporting a host of non-marine combatants.  As the 29th uses a selection of non-marine troops, these ships prove invaluable in moving their forces through the depths, of space.

Combat Doctrine

The 29th is fielded exactly as they have been since the teachings of the Emperor and Fulgrim.  They are the surgeonís instruments of war.  They strike where needed using a multitude of tactics to accomplish their task, and then leave the battle field with their prize.  Often times they arrive in an area, strike and leave before the local defenses can be mustered, while the enemy is left confused.

When there is a protracted engagement expected, the 29th employs their cohorts of non-marines to hold the enemies attention, while they obtain their objectives.

These cohorts are composed of disillusioned Imperial Guard regiments, entire populations of hives gangs, long forgotten beastmen regiments, and a war band of Eldar Dissidents who joined with the 29th several millenniums ago.

While many think the 29th Great Company has not fallen to Slaanesh, those ďprizesĒ taken from the battle field would assure them that Slaanesh is paid homage in all of her glory.


Lord Commander Bowman maintains the 29thís organization as he maintains their combat doctrine, strictly by the teachings of Fulgrim and the Emperor.  Every detail of the Emperorís Children hierarchy is maintained, though the worship of Slaanesh has changed must of the meanins.

The Lord Commander has preserved many of the positions that other legions have abandoned, such as the Tech marine, the Librarian and the Chaplain, though now their tasks are different, each is still trained in the manner of an Emperorís Children.  In many cases this means that their training is much more complete then those of their Imperial counterparts, as the Lord Commander and his staff still remember the trainings and their true meanings.


"The Emperor's Children will raze the universe in the name of Fulgrim and Slaanesh!"
Lord Commander Bowman, 29th Great Company

Service to Fulgrimís ideals and the ideals of the emperorís Children come before all other considerations.

The 29th Great Company has been know to fall upon other Emperorís Children armies that they feel have lost the faith in Fulgrim, or have strayed to far from the teachings of the Emperorís Children.  Their geneseed is used to create new Emperorís Children who are taught the correct way.

Those Emperorís Children who show marks of possession or abomination are segregated into smaller warbands, and allowed a level of autonomist command.  When the Lord Commander finds that they are still true Emperorís Children he allows them to leave the Great Company, to spread the word of Fulgrim and Slaanesh, many times taking small warbands of Guardsmen and mutants.


ďAfter the near destruction of the Legion in the gene-seeding process, surviving fragments of the Codex Apothecarion Terra indicate that absolute excellence was demanded of the Apothecaries who handled and worked on the precious genetic material. This ethos quickly merged with the Legionís general belief in perfection, so that the Emperorís Children gene-seed was perhaps the most pure and stable of all the Legions.  Only the finest physical specimens were chosen for implantation, so that the mutation rate of the gene-seed was practically zero. Every enhancement produced by the gene-seed functioned at peak efficiency, allowing the Space Marines to achieve their full potential in battle. No other Space Marine Legion achieved such a goal, and the technology and expertise required have never been rediscovered in the millennia following the Horus Heresy.Ē Index Astartes Ė Emperorís Children

Knowing the affects that exposure to the Warp has on gene-seed, Apothecaries in the 29th Great Company avoids contact with warp entities.  As all members of the 29th are pure Emperorís Children Geneseed, they avoid the corrupting influence of Chaos where they can. 

As they have the capacity to elevate humans to Marines, they harvest geneseed when ever they can, and use it in trades with Fabious Bile, for materials and knowledge.  The 29th will go to great lengths to prevent Imperial legions from recovering their geneseed.


"Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!" Battlecry of the Emperorís Children, pre-Horus Heresy.

ďFor Fulgrim and the Emperorís Children, unleash Slaaneshís favor upon her enemies!Ē Battlecry of the 29th Great Company, post-Horus Heresy.