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Well, the lab's back online. Shame to lose the old one, as there were some good tips from people in there, and it was the only thread on the old forum to break 100,000 views.

Since this was all unexpected I don't have anything new to show off just yet. However, I am working on something I think is kind of cool which I alluded to in the old thread when I mentioned that Apoxie Sculpt is interesting to work with. I hope to have something to show off reasonably soon.

There is always the option of creating an image wrap up post so people that have not seen your stuff can.

I trust you have such sights to show us... ;)

So, life has been kind of kicking me in the junk since January, but things are finally settling down. I'm finally getting a chance to pick up the brush again and coincidentally a friend of mine has expressed interest in Necromunda. I still have an Escher gang that needs painting, so to ease myself back in and shake off the rust I'll be starting there. After that, back to the Sons of Leviathan.

As both a recap and a bit of motivation for myself, I'm going to take the opportunity to post up stuff from the past and hopefully stir things up a bit here. Most are missing shoulder pads and backpacks, as I tend to do those a whole bunch at a time.

First off, an outdated squad of Havocs I'll probably repaint at some point, as my style has changed since I finished these guys off ages ago.

Of all of them, I'm rather fond of this guy:

I have a bunch of rank & file guys in various states of development, but nothing I really feel like posting right now. I do have a few champions that are done though. I'm rather pleased with them.

Elias T'ssorentsa

Abdullah Shreve, Chaos Apothecary.

Birgit the Harrowing, fallen Sister of Battle.


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