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Sons of Eternal Uncomfort
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:10:11 PM »
This is a story about being a noise marine, told by my representitive Chaos lord Justin. Yeah i know Justin doesn't sound that warhammer40kish but, it is the name of a saint. A martyr infact that died a horribaly painful death. So i thought it was fitting, and my name in real life is also Justin too.

Sons of Eternal Uncomfort.

Justin, Chaos lord the 56th Emperorís Children Great Company, The Sons of Eternal Uncomfort, looked into the vast void of space, his mind floating on pleasant memories. Abaddons latest crusade into imperial space had been a great success, chaos reigned all around the tendrils of the eye of terror, and the entire area of space had become a foot hold of chaos. There was no longer any hiding behind warp storms. Cadia, amazingly had been defeated, the heart of imperial defense had been rendered useless, as everything around it now was in chaos control. It was quite refreshing to be in stable space again. The eternal agony inside the eye of terror was of course sublime, but out of the eye's influence there was a real contrast, a conflict between burning hells and ordered space. There was innocence here, thatís what was refreshing. Abaddon of course was a fool, in Justin's opinion. He had no idea why Abaddon was so passionate about claiming the galaxy as his own, it all seemed silly and childish. Of course they should corrupt the innocent and extend the chaos powers, but why go as far as to extend our own power? Slaanesh would offer everything that anyone would ever need, they would simply need to extend her power by simply following your own nature, to feel. All else would follow. Still Slaanesh liked Abaddon, and his leadership had helped unify the chaos powers to finally crush the strangle hold that held them in. The crusades had been long awaited, every legion had been polishing it's weapons and readying it's war machine for some time after the Horus heresy That is after everybody got used to damnation and could concentrate again.

The Emperorís children were never really about war with the Imperium, just extending its own power to feel. They just poked fun at the Imperium for a laugh. Back when Fabious betrayed the legion for his own experiments, damning them well before any of the other legions became so corrupted. They didn't even help with the attack on the imperial palace. They were too busy gratifying their own desires. Pain had cleansed them of any past foolish untrue desire, of any hatred, nothing else mattered anymore. Justin remembered bounding down the gold plated roads of ancient terra, the normally spectacular scenery of the imperial capital was made so colorful. The horrifying sounds of his bolter assaulted his soul and stable existence, ripping apart his innocence, making all of his life, previous to this moment, pale in comparison, now suddenly forgotten as now it seemed unimportant. The citizens he was terrorizing could not comprehend his existence. He was now more than them, more alive, more existing.

Then something amazing happened, Slaanesh, child of the wonderful Eldar talked to him. She was amazed that such an existence could be possible in mortal bodies. But his space marine training had made him strong, strong enough to feel things so powerful. His soul was shaken, almost until it went out, but Slaanesh now with her attention drawn away from the siege of the palace by this explosion of warp energy emitting by the Emperor's children legion, invested her power into holding their souls safe in warp space, empowering them to endure such destroying sensations. The legion was no longer organized, it had been broken into self gratifying individuals, helping themselves to the public of terra. Some marines lay terrorized in dark corners cowering away from the world, turning off and destroying their sensory equipment. What had Fabious done to them? But Slaanesh answered everyone, accepted everyone of the legion and told them her secrets. She had nearly all but given up hope on the Eldar on giving her influence in the cosmos and needed a new force to preach her words and defile in her name. In a now human dominated galaxy, this legion was perfect. The legion accepted the offer, perhaps she could enlighten them and lead them on though the haze of their new existence.

Now war on a sector scale was a reality again, and the influence of chaos now had many new armies of unarmored humans on it's side. Orcs, Tau, Tyranids, Necrons, could now be retaliated upon. All it needed was the right organization, no doubt Abaddon would once again collect together the legions, and many new armies on crusades against the foes.

The Orc's were hard to corrupt, in a near Khorne worshipping frenzy, in their strangely innocent violence and war mongering. Side by side with their powerful gods they fought any enemy, for fun and in the meantime became numerous and made their own powerful influence in the warp. The Tau young and warp fires small. Their pursuit of pointless logic after logic was insulting, and their sphere of influence held valuable resources. The whole race mindless needed to be completely wiped out before its epidemic of order got any further. It would however be fun to corrupt such a orderly society if it took over the galaxy, it would contrast so well with himself. But there was no point waiting, he wanted to kill them all now. The Tyranids were a biological force of a chaos power called the hive mind, which simply gathered recourses to build hive nodes to further the hive minds power. For what reason? Maybe it made it feel good. The hive minds relentless pursuit of power was insulting to the chaos powers, even Tzeentch, who was offended by anything that assumed it was better than he.

The Necrons were the most offending thing to any thing with a large connection with warp space. They were once corruptible with souls, but the star gods had got to them. The children of this world of reality and atoms, they drew their own power from the stars. They didn't need the powers of chaos, and sought to sow permanent death everywhere by killing every living thing, putting them in their warp severing skeletal machines. They were of course the main threat, which was why the forces of chaos must dominate man as to source enough power to kill the star gods. After the star gods were destroyed, which would be a formidable challenge, the universe would be free.

For now there was more corruption to sow, but nothing much matted to Justin. His own relationship with Slannesh was purely selfish, as hers was with him. He just wanted to feel more and more incredible things, and she let him, in return Slaanesh's influence in the warp was extended and her own power to create such sensations, for herself and others. So Justin didn't care that much for Abaddons little missions he just used the chance so he could experience combat, and make trips into ever so innocent cities to have giant "parties" where the citizens of the city would be more terrified than anything else. He like any other noise marine loved the conflict and contrast created between the innocent and damned. Their psychic screams were ever so beautiful, so powerful, and so loud. Slaanesh fed, as he did, addicted to powerful waves of warp energy.

They had arrived at their destination, a yet uncorrupted city world. Justin psychicly communicated with the possessed ship and readied his suits communicator. "We have arrived my brothers! Prepare for the feast!"

Shinji Ikari

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Re: Sons of Eternal Uncomfort
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2014, 10:20:38 PM »
Seems alittle familar but differnt somehow. Did i really write that? Maybe you corrected it here and there. Youth is both blessing and a curse as far as intelligence is concerned.

It's painprince, and i'll make sure to watch what i say this time and not get banned. I know i can't just do exactly what i want, especially in a world with so many people. Who mostly choose to do not much at all. But you know everyone is wise, and theres lessons to learn from everything everyone does. Both from the realms of pain and happiness. To die selflessly the only option? I was of the opinion there are those born with a destiny that could exceed that common path. Well i'm a weak little prince anyway, made to feel more pain then others, so i just cannot accept the path of self sacrifice, i just dont have anything to do with it.

Well thats all. Going to get my slaanesh daemons this payday hopefully.


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Re: Sons of Eternal Uncomfort
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2018, 09:29:14 PM »
I just knew it was this. If anyone has a question I can answer it. Maybe I will know some things.