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Drop Site Massacre : Kakophoni, Palatine Blades and Phoenix Terminators


Last year I made the trip to Games Day UK and enjoyed a look at the largest display of Emperor's children models i've ever seen. The Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V was on display, The Iron Hands and their multiple astartes were everywhere. It was at this point I got to see two of the newer Horus Heresy models, The Emperor's Children Legion Kakophoni and the Phoenix Terminators. They look astounding. (i'll post some pictures up as I get home of the Drop Site Massacre)

It was a feast for the eyes to see our legion in it's glory, lead by the primarch Fulgrim. I was compelled by that sight. I had to get hold of some of those models.

So it was on that day that I bought my Kakophoni. They are currently still bagged up in the forgeworld bag, unused, un loved. But are one of my favorite sets of models.

I will be starting to paint them soon, I am trying to decide wether to keep them painted in their pre heresy colours (and fight a long side my pink and black marines) or to paint them with the rest of the legion.

I also have some Palatine blades which i bought more recently. I'd suggest checking them out too, they are awesome. I'll be using these as chosen, or maybe sorcerers of some kind I think.

For the full Gallery with full size images, click here: http://imgur.com/a/kSkkm#0
I hope you enjoy these.

Great pics Mike!


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