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+++ Exploratory report of mission 12877
+++ Exploritator Lt Commander Henry
+++ Report of Homo Sapiens Varius
+++ 098600M41

Analysis of Homo Sapiens Varius (Beastmen)

Types of Beastmen   

Caprigors are the thinkers of the Beastman society.  They have human level intellect with animal cunning.  The Caprigors seem to enjoy using their intellect and are not afraid to use their brawn.
More common then other Gors, they have a curling or straight horns on their head like a goat or sheep.  A Cparigor may have the entire head of a got and often has goat legs as well.  A Beastman with these mutations but no others is called a Truegor, a title shared by some other kinds of Gor.  A Caprigor Truegor is said to be bigger, braver and even more cleaver then other Caprigors.

Not quite as numerous as Cparigors, a Bovigor bears cattle horns on his head and may have the entire head of a bull or an ox.  If he has a bull's head and either human or goat legs he can be qualified as a Truegor.  Bovigors are very competitive and like to think they are superior to other Gors.  Most Bovigors believe that brawn is better then brains, many possessing a great deal of the former and very little of the latter.
Ungors have horns not necessarily on their heads.  They may have one horn or many, but they won't be recognizably those of goats or cattle.  Ungors are therefore very varied in appearance and include beastmen with all sorts of mutations.  An Ungor with a particularly spectacular array of horns, or with a single fine horn, is the subject of considerable envy.  However most Ungors have only scabby little horns or peculiar misshapen versions, much to their annoyance and the amusement of more lowly beastmen.
The Majority of Beastmen who are not Gors are called Bray.  The name refers to the braying, whinnying, whooping cacophany that Beastmen make when they band together to fight or feast.   Apart from lacking horns, there is very little consistency in appearance that distingushes a Bray from a Gor.  A very brave, cunning, and unusually luck Bray can rise to become a leader, but this is not very common.  Gors do not like Brays giving them orders, and a Bray who fails to show a Gor the proper respect is asking for trouble.
It is here that I would note that the Beastmen origianlly identified us as Brays, as they did not have any "pure" humans left on the majority of their worlds.   Only Stalndles II had any human population, and only on that planet did the majority of Beastmen understand what a Human was.

The dividing line between a beastman and Chaos spawn is a narrow one, and amongst beastmen it is a line often crossed.  Some spawn are killed or driven away if they are dangerous or useless, though Spawn who are helpful, perhaps because they are still worthwhile fighters, are kept out of respect for the mighty warriors they once were.
A Turnskin is a Beastman who was born human (an occurrence limited to Stalndles II).  The continual seepage of the warp into Stalndles II, and the years of interbreeding have cause mutation among all of the inhabitants of Stalndles II.  A Turnskin is always a Turnskin regardless of his physical appearance, rather then a 'pure' Beastman, which means they are the lowest of the low as far as the beastmen are concerned.  If a Turnskin has horns they are sawn off before he can be accepted by other Beastmen, other wise they could be mistaken for a Gor.
On Stalndles II it is not uncommon that a healthy, sound, human parents produce a mutant child.  These children are taken by the Beastmen and adopted and reared in the Beastmen society.  They are called Gaves or Gave Children.
Beastmen regard Gaves as a gift of Chaos and welcome them amongst their ranks.  They grown into Beastmen and become Gors or Bray depending on their apperance.  Beastmen place no stigma on Gaves, and sometimes add Gave to their name if they adopted foundlings of this kind.

Shamans are a special kind of Beastmen because they have magical powers (psykers), though this is only part of what makes them special.  Shamans are the intermediaries between the Beastmen and Chaos itself.  They can spirit-walk in the Realm of Chaos and talk with Daemons.  Shamans never lead other Beastmen, but the Beastmen's strongest leaders rely on them for all kinds of advice as well as help in battle.


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Re: The 4th Cohort - The beastmen who served the 29th Great Company
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It is a very readable content at all. I read it, it is very good knowledge that can be put into practice on a daily basis.


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Re: The 4th Cohort - The beastmen who served the 29th Great Company
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I really like these things. Always trying to find information but didn't find the answer